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Corporate Executives 

For our clients with senior executive positions at large corporations, one of the biggest financial planning challenges is managing their complex compensation and benefits packages. Because of the intense time demands of their jobs, executives often only have an abstract understanding of what they are putting aside for retirement.

One of our executive clients had dedicated his 35-year career to one company, starting out in an entry-level position and working his way up to the executive suite. He was contemplating retirement and wanted to know how best to take advantage of his benefits, which included a 401(k) plan, pension, stock options, and a long-term incentive plan. We began by discussing his financial goals and figuring out his retirement timeline.

From there we built a comprehensive financial plan to help him work toward those goals. Implementation of the plan included changing many of the ways that he was currently managing his employee benefits. With retirement now only a year in the future, he has confidence that his financial plan has prepared him for life after his career.

Individuals Experiencing Life Transition

The financial consequences of an unexpected life event can be substantial, and the stress of making important financial decisions during this time is compounded by the emotional grief that often accompanies significant life changes.

When a client's father passed away unexpectedly, he reached out to us to help his mother navigate the financial realities of her new circumstances. Her husband had always taken care of the financial management for the family, and she did not know what she could expect for a retirement income, or even if she could afford to keep the house.

We began by gathering all of the needed information on her behalf and provided guidance during the estate settlement process. We then helped her complete all necessary beneficiary paperwork, file for Social Security benefits and consolidate all of her financial information into an organized and understandable format. Together we developed a lifetime retirement income plan, preparing a monthly budget and then constructing an asset allocation based on her risk tolerance and income needs. These tools and processes have given her the structure, knowledge and advice/support she needs to manage her financial independence with confidence.

Families Preparing for Retirement

Many of our clients are hardworking families who turn to us to help them plan for a successful transition into retirement. Upon returning to the United States from a corporate job assignment in China, one such couple asked us for advice on how best to balance the short-term objective of reestablishing themselves stateside with their long-term retirement planning goals. Having lived abroad for years, they faced the challenge of acquiring everything again, starting with a place to live. The couple was particularly concerned with figuring out how much they could spend on a house and their children's college educations while still being able to retire on time.

Through our comprehensive wealth management process, we helped the couple put specific numbers and time-frames on their goals, then selected an investment allocation suited to those goals. We also modeled the various corporate benefits provided by the husband's employer. The result was a comprehensive financial roadmap, which we continue to monitor and adjust as part of our ongoing relationship.

Business Owners

As retirement plan consultants, we work with business owners to design and implement a 401(k) plan to retain top talent and help employees prepare for retirement. Often this process involves looking at an existing plan that is not meeting its objectives.

We recently worked with a business owner who was disappointed with her current 401(k) plan. Participation and contributions were low. Employee education services were inadequate. The COO was overwhelmed by the plan's administrative responsibilities, and there were significant opportunities for improvements in plan design. We conducted a benchmarking study to compare the plan's performance, features and cost with plans of a similar nature and size. We then prepared an executive summary of our findings and made recommendations to improve the plan's design, outsource time-consuming administrative functions and step up employee education and engagement.

In addition, we educated our client about her fiduciary obligation, formed and facilitated an investment committee and drafted a formal investment policy statement. Over the past four years, we have continued to refine and improve the plan's features. Participation and contribution rates have steadily increased, employees are more satisfied with the plan and our client is very pleased with the outcomes, service, and attention she receives.

Let's look at your big picture together to design a plan specific to your needs and create clarity from complexity.

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