Investment Management Strategies


Our investment strategy begins with the belief that diversification* is the key to maximizing growth while mitigating risk. We follow the endowment-style approach to investing. Whereas many investors limit themselves to stocks, bonds, and cash, endowments often include alternative investments such as real estate, hard assets, commodities and hedge funds. We encourage our clients to consider alternative investments** as a way to further diversify their portfolios. In addition, we have access to an exclusive class of low-cost institutional mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional portfolios are based on the science of capital markets and guided by decades of academic research. Our independence enables us to offer clients these and other investment strategies from a broad range of sources.


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We use a broad spectrum of investment vehicles and look past the Fortune 500 to incorporate emerging markets, bonds, alternative investments ** and REITS ***. We help you determine your individual risk profile, develop a view of the return required to accomplish your goals and tailor a diversified portfolio that balances risk with reward.


We provide a clear, long-term path to help you achieve your dreams, and quarterly progress reports and annual reviews serve to keep you focused on key milestones. We take a broad view of your situation, factoring in your total assets, including pensions, 401(k) plans and real estate holdings.

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We offer a suite of investment options outside the range of traditional asset types (stocks, bonds, and cash). Alternative investments include hedge funds, managed futures, real estate, commodities and derivatives contracts and are typically held by institutional investors or accredited high-net-worth individuals because of their complex nature, limited regulations and relative lack of liquidity. We impose a vigorous screening process on investments in this category. Since most alternative investments are not correlated to the stock and bond markets, they offer planning opportunities that are uncorrelated to equity markets and can provide tax advantages to individuals in high-income tax brackets.

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 Using diversification as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions. Diversification does not guarantee against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

** Alternative investments are often speculative, lack liquidity, lack diversification, are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds, may involve complex tax structures and delays in distributing important tax information, and may involve substantial fees. These investments may not be appropriate for all investors.

*** Real estate investing (REIT) involves risk such as refinancing in the real estate industry, interest rate risk, lease terminations and potential economic and regulatory changes. The value of the shares in the trust will fluctuate with the portfolio of the underlying real estate related investments. There can be no assurance that a secondary market for the REIT will be maintained by the issuer. The investment may be illiquid. The redemption price of a REIT may be worth more or less than the original price paid for units of the trust.