• Corporate Executives

Your greatest wealth building asset is likely your ability to earn. The demands of a busy corporate career can limit the time available to stay on top of and manage the complex nature of your financial circumstances, particularly when it comes to compensation and benefits packages. Executive benefits are riddled with restrictions, regulatory requirements, tax considerations and choices about elections and timing of decisions; all of which require extra attention and consideration.

We can help you assess your compensation package and the options before you. We will provide you with essential expert planning and decision support regarding benefit programs such as:

In your initial consultation, we will address your unique challenges and risks (such as holding a high concentration of company stock or stock options) and incorporate them into your financial plan. Through our planning process, we develop customized strategies for investment management, estate planning, and tax mitigation.

Contact us to set up your initial consultation meeting to better understand your executive compensation benefits and develop a wealth management plan.

        • Retirement plans
        • Non-qualified deferred compensation
        • Restricted stock
        • Stock options