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If you are in the process of retiring or changing jobs, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is what to do with any 401(k), pension and stock compensation plans from your former employer. This is an excellent time to take control of your financial future and develop a plan for a successful retirement. We will assist you in assessing retirement plan assets from your former employer so that you understand your options and critical time frames. We help you evaluate the choices you are facing and discuss the pros and cons of each. This process enables you to make the best choice for your situation.

Financial matters frequently play a substantial role in the process of a life transition or career change and can often have a decisive impact on the outcome. Whatever transitions you are anticipating or working through, good planning advice can mean the difference between confidently embracing a new stage of your life or having doubts about your future. Take the time to establish a financial plan can reduce uncertainty about the financial side of transistions. Whether you are planning for an inevitable life change like retirement or presently experiencing a transition event like the loss of a job, financial advice and planning can prove indispensable by aleviating stress in a stressful time.



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